Lash Tweezer Sterilisation Tray
Lash Tweezer Sterilisation Tray

Lash Tweezer Sterilisation Tray

Lash Tweezer Sterilisation Tray

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Clean, safe an sterlie tools are essential in the lash studio both for the sake of your clients as well as your own business professionalism.

This tray fucntions as a disinfectant bath for tweezers and other salon tools.  It makes it very easy to always have such safe and sterile tools.

We recommend for the first time you use the tray, that you test the level of disinfectant required using water.  This will allow you to find the correct fill level without wasting any disinfectant.  For the correct outcome, the tools need to be completely submerged.

1. Before disinfecting, scub your tools with soapy water to remove and residue, tape or glue;

2. Open the lid, and place the tools to be disinfected into the removable cage;

3. Fill the tray to the previously determined level with your preferred disinfectant and close the lid.  Closing the lid drops the cage and tools into the disinfectant;

4. Leave the tools to soak for 10 minutes;

5. Open the lid and remove the cage with the tools;

6. Rinse the tools under clean water to wash away the disinfectant;

7. Let the tools air-dry on paper towel;

8. For the very best sterilisation, follow this process up with a 10 minute Ultraviolet steralisation session using our Ultralviolet (UV) Steralisation Unit.


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