Mega Bonder Lash Retention Maximizer

Mega Bonder Lash Retention Maximizer

Mega Bonder Lash Retention Maximizer

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Megabonder instantly polymerizes the adhesive without shock curing (extensions turn white), add elasticity to the adhesive making the bonds more flexible, therefore resulting in better retention.

It also locks in the fumes from the adhesive, therefore, irritation is significantly reduced for clients with eye and skin sensitivities.

Additionally, because the bonds have been sealed, clients don't have to wait 24 hours to get their lashes wet, like having a shower or going to the gym.

  • Works with ANY adhesives
  • Maximize retention up to 30%
  • Reduces irritation and sensitivity
  • Clients can get their lashes wet 3 minutes after treatment
  • 150-200 treatments out of 1 bottle
  • 15 ml / 0.5 oz
  • Discard 12 months after opening.

IMPORTANT: Megabonder should only be applied to the adhesive bonded joints with micro swabs after the treatment has been finished. We do not recommend using Megabonder in a nano misters or similar devices as it may cause skin irritation or other side effects.


  • Wait 2-4 minutes after completed set before applying Megabonder.
  • Squeeze a small drop of Megabonder onto 2 lint-free micro swabs (1 for each eye), dab excess onto a paper towel if needed, remember a little goes a long way.
  • Carefully apply the bonder ONLY at the joints, making sure the product doesn't touch clients' eyes and skin. 
  • Allow the product to dry and activate (2-3 minutes).


When you use Megabonder, you no longer need to use Nano mister at the end of the service, if you use one out of habit, wait at least 3 minutes after applying the bonder to make sure it's fully activated.



  • For professional use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin.



  • Store upright in cool and dry place, away from sunlight, fire and any other source of heat.
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