Promade Dark Brown 5D 0.07 (600 Fans)

Promade Dark Brown 5D 0.07 (600 Fans)

Promade Dark Brown 5D 0.07 (600 Fans)

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Welcome to the next generation of promade fans. Designed to more user friendly than previous generations, and to have a smaller packaging size to reduce shipping costs.

Our lash extensions are made from premium Korean materials, which will not irritate or damage natural lashes. The super mink fibres are soft, lightweight, and provide a long-lasting curl. We believe they are among the best quality in Australia.

Promade fans are created one-by-one from longer lash strands. The strands are laid out in a fan pattern, trimmed, curled and lightly bonded together in rows. Using premade fans saves technicians significant time during the lash session, allowing them to focus more on accurate application.

We offer a large range of options to suit your individual requirements. The three primary options are length, curl and thickness.


Colour lashes are now available in 5D, with lengths 8mm to 11mm, or 12mm to 15mm in a mixed box.

There are a minimum of 600 fans per box, with approximately 25% of each length per box.

Their thickness is 0.07, and they come in CC curl, which makes them a perfect average between C and D curl.


The fans come in a four compartment box. Each compartment contains approximately 150 fans, and the entire box contains no less than 600 fans.

The fans are heat bonded to a non-sticky base tape. The rows of fans come apart from each other very easily; while the fans themselves are held tight enough that only intentional plucking will dislodge them.

You can lay the strips out on a silicon pad, if that's your preferred working surface. This works very well, and is our recommended practice.

Alternately, you can lay them out on your lash tile or other surface, using double sided tape to hold them down.

Be sure to check out our new Lash Card, which is designed to speed up this layout process.

Once laid out, simply pluck the fans off the base tape, dip in glue, and apply. Super simple!

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