Promade Ombre Purple 5D 0.07 (600 Fans)

Promade Ombre Purple 5D 0.07 (600 Fans)

Promade Ombre Purple 5D 0.07 (600 Fans)

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Lashlashlash Ombré Rapid Promade Fans have a blend of 2 colors starting from the black base and gradually blending to the colored tip. 

The subtle colored tip will enhance any makeup to look more defined. Perfect for special events or a great introduction for clients that want to try out color.

Perfect for lash artist who haven't yet mastered creating volume fans by hand, or who wants to serve more clients in a day, increase revenue but save time and your own health all together.

  • 4 lengths per box.
  • 5 lashes per fans.
  • Easy and convenient, less prepping time and storage space.
  • Minimal adhesive used for best bonding result.

Please note all of our promade fans are 100% handmade, therefore might not be symmetrical and/or identical.


The fans come in a four compartment box. Each compartment contains approximately 150 fans, and the entire box contains no less than 600 fans.

The fans are heat bonded to a non-sticky base tape. The rows of fans come apart from each other very easily; while the fans themselves are held tight enough that only intentional plucking will dislodge them.

You can lay the strips out on a silicon pad, if that's your preferred working surface. This works very well, and is our recommended practice.

Alternately, you can lay them out on your lash tile or other surface, using double sided tape to hold them down.

Be sure to check out our new Lash Card, which is designed to speed up this layout process.

Once laid out, simply pluck the fans off the base tape, dip in glue, and apply. Super simple!

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