Voluminoir 10D 0.03 (504 Fans)
Voluminoir 10D 0.03 (504 Fans)

Voluminoir 10D 0.03 (504 Fans)

Voluminoir 10D 0.03 (504 Fans)

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Elevate your artistry with the Voluminoir Lash Extensions, meticulously designed for the discerning lash artist who demands precision, durability, and elegance in every detail:

Masterfully Crafted Long Stems & Flat Bases: Engineered for superior hold and seamless application, these extensions are the foundation for captivating, long-lasting lash artistry, enabling you to create looks that enchant and endure.

Refined, Narrow Design: Perfect for crafting a voluminous, dense lash line, these extensions are designed to enhance the natural beauty of the eye, offering you the flexibility to create bespoke, striking looks for your clients.

Foil-Backed Strips for Seamless Workflow: Experience the convenience of effortless strip removal, a thoughtful feature that streamlines your setup and transitions, allowing you to focus on the creative aspect of lash application.

Efficiently Numbered Strips: Organize with ease and precision. The numbered strips are your ally in maintaining an efficient workflow, ensuring you can quickly identify and apply the desired lengths, keeping your focus on the artistry.

For the lash artist who values both form and function, the Voluminoir Lash Extensions are your canvas for creating mesmerizing, durable lash looks that speak volumes of your expertise and attention to detail.

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